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Human Resources Advisory Services

from people for people

Andreas the biker

Andreas Niebling


Franz the rocker

Franz Seel


Christoph the farmer

Christof Werner


Kai the cyclist

Kai Birkmann


Markus the saxophonist

Dr Markus Röth


Stefan the athlete

Stefan Janke


Richard the cyclist

Richard Hoffman


Human Resources Advisory Services

from people for people

"It is personalities, not principles, that move the age."
Oscar Wilde: The picture of Dorian Gray. New York: G. Wells. 1925, p.104.

Andreas Niebling


Andreas the biker

Franz Seel


Franz the rocker

Christoph Werner

Fruit Farmer

Christoph the farmer

Kai Birkmann

Electromobilist and
organ donor

Kai the cyclist

Dr. Markus Röth


Markus the saxophonist

Stefan Janke


Stefan the athlete

Richard Hoffmann


Richard the cyclist

HR Advisory Services

For us, consulting is a matter of trust and interpersonal interactions

That's why you should get to know our advisory specialists as individuals: musicians, athletes and fruit growers, and also as highly-experienced professionals with a wide range of specialties and backgrounds. If you are in search of a pre-canned solution there are other services organizations that may better service your needs. With us, you get the best of methodology, and the power of individuals.

If you work with us, you will benefit from advisory services delivered by people who not only endeavor to know more about your industry than you do, but who are also musicians, athletes and fruit growers.  

We are like our services: individual, versatile, experienced and committed to what we do. From us, you should not expect standardized solution models out of a drawer or only theoretically acquired expertise, just as you cannot expect young potentials or 400-page presentations. We think together and ahead, we are sparring partners, analysts, organizers, project workers, communicators and we also lend a hand when it counts.

We speak HR and we can Technology

Benefit from our decades of experience in the HR environment - both professional and technological, strategic and operational

Payroll, time management, administration, recruiting, talent management, KPIs or self-services - no HR topic is alien to us. We know how HR departments look and work from the inside, nationally and internationally, on a large and small scale.

We know the different requirements and priorities of stakeholders, works councils, administrators, managers, but also the external impact factors such as providers, laws, current market trends and strategies.

All consultants have a technical background, come from the operational project and implementation business and in the ERP and cloud environment. We know Fiori apps, cloud connectors, integration centers, APIs, UI5 or ABAP not only from brochures and white papers, but as players in practical work.

We know about the technical possibilities, trends and potentials, but also about risks, pitfalls and misjudgments. And we know first-hand that it's the little things that cause big problems.

What you could expect from us

  • Company car with hitch

  • Tent-party and BBQ

  • Office dogs

  • 30 years experience in one

  • Occasional appearance of elephants and rhinos

What you should better not expect

  • School bus

  • Golf club

  • Skyscraper office

  • 30 consultants with one year experience

  • That no elephants and rhinos appear

The requirements in the HR environment are more complex than ever and will increase significantly in the future.

Decision-makers in HR face the strategic challenge of being technically innovative and organizationally flexible in HR, establishing effective and cost-efficient processes, attracting and retaining talent, creating continuous learning opportunities and - reinforced by Corona - providing new, more flexible working environments.

However, it is also the concrete, situation-related questions in practice to which HR decision-makers are expected to provide answers and solutions.

For example, what needs to be taken into account when setting up new organizational structures, or how do you effectively organize the merging of HR systems after mergers? When is it advisable to centralize HR processes and hand them over to external service providers (BPO)? Which cloud solutions suit the company and which external partners should be selected?

At a glance.

We have summarized all the information about our services.

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Strategic advisory
  • HR/IT Strategy

  • Communication with stakeholder, Works Council or divisions

  • Methodical support

  • Tender support

red and blue advisory services processes icon


Operative advisory
  • Change management

  • Digital transformation

  • Business process consulting

  • Support and organization of evaluation processes (solutions, provider etc.)

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Structural advisory
  • Program management

  • HR/IT infrastructure (AMS, SSC, BPO)

  • Project management

  • Organizational structure

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Personnel services
  • Coaching

  • Interim management

  • Support on HR/personnel evaluation processes

Our Portfolio

We support you in coping with the complexity of organisational actions.

Facing a constant lack of time and increasing cost pressure as well as countless technical options together with the need to continuously evaluate best solution strategies, we offer expert and tailor-made consulting. We help if you lack the time, the personnel, the experience or the technical knowledge - or simply if you need an professional fresh view on strategic decisions.

What interests us.

Read articles, interviews and news.

All about HR
What's the HXM all about?
September 29, 2021

What's the HXM all about?

Dr. Markus Röth

The new trend: Human Experience Management replaces Human Capital Management

Hybrid meetings and their demands on corporate meeting culture
August 3, 2021

Hybrid meetings and their demands on corporate meeting culture

Kai Birkmann

Hybrid meetings have been around for decades. The author of this article has himself experienced countless meetings of this kind. And one thing in advance: the experiences with them have been predominantly negative. This article will look at the reasons for this and what can be done better in 2021.


Technical. INDIVIDUAL.

Meet the team

About Us

HR Advisory Services is a joint services division of Group Elephant businesses, EPIUSE and EPI-USE GmbH.

advisory services statistics infographic

As a global business with 3000 employees in 34 countries, the Group service portfolio includes advisory, deployment / implementation and managed services, based on SAP’s Human Capital Management (HCM) technology.

EPI-USE is best known as the world's largest and most experienced SAP HR/Payroll specialist in designing, building and implementing Cloud-based, hybrid and on-premises systems for large, complex multinational corporations. EPI-USE is the leading developer and purveyor of local payroll versions and ongoing compliance, for countries in which SAP does not offer a standard payroll solution. EPI-USE’s portfolio covers more than 40% of the total coverage provided by SAP, worldwide. EPI-USE has recently emerged as a leader in deploying SAP’s S/4 HANA Finance applications across several industries, with the proprietary ‘S/4 FastTrack’ program designed for Higher Education institutions in the USA.

With more than 60 SAP/HCM specialists, EPI-USE GmbH supports numerous existing and implementation clients from industries in payroll accounting, time management and ongoing administration in human resources. In addition, EPI-USE GmbH implements all modules of the Successfactors cloud suite and offers SAP-certified configuration packages for fast and cost-effective implementation. With in-house developments such as the iBEM tool for reintegration, EPI-USE GmbH expands the SAP standard in a meaningful and effective way.

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www.erp.ngo | ERP is a 501 (c)(3) | EIN 81-1973249

Elephants, Rhinos and People

EPIUSE’s primary imperative is to go ‘Beyond Corporate Purpose’ in day-to-day activities.

Rather than simply donating a percentage of revenue or profits to charities, ‘Beyond Corporate Purpose’ is predicated upon EPI-USE’s implementing a multi-zone model (comprising for-profit, not-for-profit and impact investment zones). Under these terms, a professional, institutional delivery capability will be built in selected areas to support not-for-profit activity and impact investment.

Our primary focus areas are the preservation of Elephants, Rhinos and the economic uplifting of impoverished rural People in areas adjacent to the threatened species, or ‘ERP.’ This approach is highly differentiated from the conventional attitude of for-profit businesses to philanthropic activity.

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